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The Company

What We Do

Herman’s have been specialising in the clearance and auction of houses and private estates for nearly 40 years. In recent years Herman’s has begun to evolve and change the dynamic of auctions in Ireland. Our salerooms located in the heart of Dublin with a prominent position on the Lower Rathmines Road showcases a wide variety of specialist auctions including our weekly Interiors auctions, Fine Art & Decorative Interior auctions, Irish & Contemporary Art Auctions and more. Our longstanding reputation for integrity, professionalism, quality, and value, attracts vendors from all over the country, we are thus positioned to offer an unrivalled selection of lots to prospective buyers and collectors.

All of our auctions are offered in a Timed Online setting. These auctions are designed to facilitate the lives of our modern buying client base. The timed auction is automated and takes place solely online through our website and app. The bidding for each lot is opened for a set period of time. During this period of open bidding, you will be able to see the current bid on each lot and bid at your discretion. At the end of the defined bidding period, the lot is sold to the highest bidder.

Our Salerooms

Our auction house is comprised of three salerooms which are ideally situated in the heart of Rathmines. Each saleroom houses hundreds of items ranging from jewellery and collectables to fine antique furniture. The centrepiece of our auction complex, Swan Hall, was originally the Legion of Mary dancehall and was recently modernised to provide one of the leading spaces for auctions in the country. The building’s design incorporates the original cruciform glass block windows, large circular skylights and high-efficiency lighting along with an open plan design that provides ideal conditions for the display and sale of fine art and antiques. The room is also temperature controlled which helps to ensure that the best possible conditions are maintained for the curation of our fine art and antique auctions.

Our other salerooms include the original early 20th century McMullan Bros. saleroom which has been in operation on the same site since 1928 as well as the more recently refurbished 159 salerooms which have undergone substantial remodelling in the past number of years to create an ideal space for smaller auctions including specialised jewellery, Chinese porcelain, books and artwork auctions.

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