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When choosing to sell with Herman’s you are selling through the most diverse auction room in Ireland. We sell a wide range of lots across our multiple auction categories. We endeavour to make consigning with us as seamless as possible, with just a few simple steps:

Get a Valuer Consultation

We offer a free valuer consultation service for items that you have with a view to sale. We recommend initially sending in photographs either by email to or by using our ‘Consign an Item’ tab, together with any other relevant information which we can use as a preliminary indication of salability. Our valuers may deem it necessary to call out to you by appointment (especially in the case of full house contents). Alternatively, in the case of specialist items, you can email our specialists directly for a consultation. All forms of consultations with a view to sale are free and there is no obligation to sell.

Consigning for sale

After your valuer consultation, if your items are determined to be acceptable for sale, a contract (Vendor Form) is issued. This ‘Vendor Form’ details the items consigned for sale, your details as the seller and our terms of engagement in accordance with our conditions of sale. The valuer will then arrange a consignment booking for you to deliver your items for sale, if you need a carrier to transport items for you this can be arranged also at this point.

Pre Sale

After your consignment particulars are complete and your items arrive with us, they are sorted into storage in our auction rooms. They are then catalogued into inventory, photographed and scheduled for sale at the auctioneer team’s discretion.

Post Sale

After the items have come to auction, post-sale advice is issued 3 to 4 weeks after the auction with your auction sale results. Payment is issued approximately four weeks from the date of sale by way of bank transfer to your nominated account, with a statement attached by email detailing your deductions. Payment will only be made when all monies due from the buyer have been paid & cleared in accordance with our conditions of sale.

Standard Auction Deductions

The standard rate of commission is 20%, this varies depending on the type of sale. The commission is calculated on the hammer price and may be subject to change. Please see our conditions of sale for more information.

Unless otherwise instructed by the seller, all lots shall be automatically not insured under the protection policy. Lots not covered under this policy remain completely at the seller’s own risk. If instructed by the seller an industry charge of 1.5% of the hammer price is levied in accordance with our conditions of sale at the point of consignment and lots are then covered under the policy. Please see our conditions of sale for more information.

Photography & Illustrations
Catalogue and Web illustrations are charged at a standard rate and illustration charges are calculated based on the particular category of sale as well as the extent of illustration needed. These charges are subject to change. See our conditions of sale for more information.

In the rare event that a lot doesn’t sell and is deemed unsalable by the auction team, it will be disposed of in line with the terms and conditions of sale, without initial notice to the seller. A disposal charge will then be deducted at a varying rate, dependent on the particular category of a lot. This will be deducted from sale proceeds and will be noted on the statement.

Other Charges
Any other extra deductions associated with offering your lots for sales such as carriage, storage, framing, restoration, or other relevant charges, shall be deducted from the proceeds of sale as agreed in advance on consigning your goods for sale.

Vat is applied to the above charges & deductions at the standard rate.

Should you have any queries on selling with us, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 01-4972245 or by e-mail at

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