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David E. St. C. Herman, Senior Auctioneer, getting ready for the upcoming auction

David E. St. C. Herman, Senior Auctioneer, Valuer and Managing Director with fifty five years experience in all aspects of the auction profession including property sales.

With family ties to the auctioneering profession going back more than a century and a keen interest in antiques, collectables, history and archaeology, it was clear from a very young age that David Herman would become a part of the auction business. In 1961 he began his career in Sherry’s Auction Rooms on Baggot Street in the heart of Dublin City. From those beginnings David moved, after a spell in Lisneys, became the clerk at the Allen & Townsend Mansion House Auctions which were known to include up to 4,500 lots spread over three or four days. His experience in these auctions allows him to comfortably sell up to 200 lots per hour.

In 1966, David became a member of the Auctioneers Association which eventually evolved into the S.C.S.I. which lead to membership of the London based Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Over the intervening years David ran Orchard Auctioneers in Rathfarnham from 1970 eventually taking over the McMullen Bros site in Rathmines in 1978 where as Managing Director he has overseen the growth of Herman & Wilkinson Auction Rooms into what is probably the busiest auction rooms in Ireland both North and South.

As senior auctioneer and managing director of Herman & Wilkinson auction rooms David conducts 95% of our own auctions and inspects most of the items consigned for sale with us. Over his 55 year career in the auction business David has built up an incredible knowledge of all aspects of the antique and chattel end of the auction business. He specialises in organising on site auctions.

The auction rooms at 161 Lower Rathmines Road was established in 1928 by Fran and Louis McMullen and over the following fifty years became well known in Rathmines for its weekly household contents auctions. Acquired in 1978 by David Herman and Raymond Wilkinson, the McMullens Auction Rooms quickly expanded under the name of Herman & Wilkinson Auction Rooms to include Fine Art and Antique Auctions held at approximately six week intervals among other specialist and clearance auctions.

Presently the auction rooms can hold up to one hundred auctions per year potentially representing 50,000 lots made up of 500,000 individual items. Herman & Wilkinson Auction Rooms is almost certainly the busiest auction rooms on the island of Ireland selling everything from garden tools to diamond rings.